Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sunset Praise for You've Got Recipes ~ A Cookbook for a Lifetime

"Jerry Di Vecchio was Sunset's food editor for 4 decades. Françoise Kirkman is a former Sunset art director. Together, they've published a completely charming cookbook for children filled with kid-tested recipes that are extremely easy but never dumbed down.

It's no wonder the back cover bears blurbs from Wolfgang Puck, Alice Waters, and Jacques Pépin (all of them parents).

The premise is simple and sweet. Cleo Raccoon and her brother, Henry, live under the porch of a San Francisco food writer's house. They become fascinated by food from peeking at her computer screen as she's writing recipes and from reading her food magazines. Their friend Sophie Souris is a mouse living in a Paris restaurant; she has (of course) scads of brothers and sisters.

The raccoons use the house's computer to e-mail Sophie about their lives in Northern California, along with recipes for things they like to eat: guacamole, pizza, blueberry crumble; Sophie sends back gougeres and éclairs..." ~ Margo True, Sunset Food Editor

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