Monday, May 25, 2009

More kudos from famous chefs about You've Got Recipes

Here’s what these famous chefs, who are parents, too, have to say about YOU’VE GOT RECIPES...

ALICE WATERS: “This charming little book teaches children the principles of real food, prepared fresh from the garden.”

JACQUES PÉPIN: "Fun, straightforward, pragmatic and useful, YOU'VE GOT RECIPES is a great way to lure children into the kitchen, and to bring a child into the kitchen is to change his or her life forever for the better."

WOLFGANG PUCK: "It’s never too early to start cooking with children (or teaching them French, for that matter). YOU’VE GOT RECIPES is more than a kids’ cookbook; it teaches them about ingredients and cooking techniques, but it never talks down, and the recipes will appeal to the entire family. I will certainly use Jerry and Françoise’s cookbook with my two young children; whether we begin with the Cheese Puffs or go right to the Éclairs, they’re going to have a ball, and so will I."

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